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The Knowledge Centre aims to support the development of a robust and meaningful evidence base of CDFI lending. It will collate research, promote learnings through case studies and blogs, and increase transparency of available and new data. All the outputs of the Evaluation run by Sheffield Hallam’s Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research will be posted here.

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European funding and the responsible finance sector

The Government’s central aim to ‘level-up’ the UK can be realised by deploying funds through expert organisations already stationed in the most deprived regions of the UK.

The Government can make best use of its post-Brexit funding by utilising the vehicles already in place which encourage enterprise in typically underserved areas; a consortium of national CDFIs would ensure full coverage of the UK’s regions.

Read the full report. more

/ Posted on 17/04/2020

Building the Evidence Base for Community Investment – Our Learning Approach

Earlier this year Big Society Capital launched a range of community investment initiatives with partners, including the £30 million Community Investment Enterprise Facility, to help meet the capital needs of underserved small businesses located in disadvantaged communities across the UK. Core to this was our strong desire to learn and build a robust evidence base of CDFI lending – this update sets out how we plan to do that. more

/ Posted on 09/01/2019

Setting a vision for community investment

This is the second in a series of updates about our work to support underserved small enterprises in disadvantaged areas across the UK through community investment. We set out a five-year vision for community investment which has been developed collectively by the enterprise lending Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs). more

/ Posted on 06/08/2018

Community Investment Launch

Big Society Capital is launching a programme of initiatives around community investment to support local businesses to improve lives and the communities where they operate. more

/ Posted on 01/02/2018