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Responsible Finance is the membership body for CDFIs in the UK and has produced a range of reports on the UK industry.

/ Posted on 04/02/2018

About Responsible Finance:

Responsible Finance is the new name for the Community Development Finance Association (CDFA)

 It is the voice of the Responsible Finance industry working to increase access to fair finance. It supports a strong and growing network of finance providers who are building resilient economies throughout the UK. Its network is locally responsive, tailoring services to the needs of the areas within which it operates. It offers a personal service, a supportive approach and a real alternative to traditional bank lenders and finance providers. At its hard is the idea of bringing social and economic benefits to people, places and businesses.

Its network provides access to finance to people and businesses that are often excluded; it aims to build hope, create opportunity and change lives – for them that’s responsible Finance.

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