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The Future of CDFI Business Lending

University of Birmingham’s CREME considers the future of CDFI Business Lending (March 2018)

/ Posted on 24/05/2018 Author: Richard Roberts and Steve Walker

The Future of CDFI Business Funding considers the funding challenges for Enterprise Lending CDFIS in the UK over the medium to longer term. The report was facilitated by the Centre for Research into Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) at the University of Birmingham, and undertaken by honarary members Professor Richard Roberts and Dr Steve Walker who have long standing careers in the UK SME finance industry.

The report provide an overview of the current market, and explores the role of public loan guarantees to accelerate a sustainable future for Enterprise Lending CDFIs to help raise investment capital at lower risk for investors and in turn help secure and create jobs in underserved communities.

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